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I have been striving to improve the portable gtd mini system. The little files from notecards work fine but are a bit bulky and a little worn looking. I was inspired by the clever PocketMod to create two Word templates with six areas (somewhat close to 3×5 size) to print on 8.5 x 11 paper.

I also discovered one of my favorite tools, plastic project files, could be cut down to 3×5 size to make protectors for the system…three from one project pocket. Here are the plastic project files at Office Depot. They are just the right flexibility and strength to work well. One more thought: Pocket protectors could work too.

To create Foldable Goals, print two sides (back and front) for goals in a total of 12 life areas. Check out the Goal Plans for goal ideas.

Side One Foldable Goal Template | doc | pdf |

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