A paper planner tool for the weekly review

Daily PlanIt


My paper planner began gathering dust as I switched to other tools which are more portable and practical. I transformed it into a tool to use at my desk for the weekly review. This clarified the process for me and makes it more visual. I spiffed it up with custom tabs and slash pockets from Day Runner. My tabs are: Today’s Schedule, Projects, Goals, Follow-up, Ideas, and Notes.

Set Up Part One

Permanent printable information to consult on each process:

Set Up Part Two

Personal lists that change frequently:

  • To Do List (next actions)
  • Repeating tasks
  • Projects
  • Goals
  • Follow up
  • Mission statement
  • Ideas

I now use Google Task Taskary…

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How to Make a Difference

Daily PlanIt

If you have a cause you are passionate about, or a problem you want to solve to make the world a better place, this Checklist for Change can help with information to outline a plan for change.

I developed the PrintableChecklist for Change (pdf) after I heard about the How To Start a Revolution Webinar created by Jonathan Fields. Scott Dinsmore at Live Your Legend describes the webinar in his article 18 Field-Tested Steps to Launching a Non-Violent Revolution. The Daily PlanIt Change Toolkit provides links to tools for the steps and  includes a Change Outline.



  • Choose a name that describes what the idea is about.
  • Describe the primary purpose. What is it for, how does it work, what are the features?
  • Identify the Value Proposition. What are the unique benefits offered?
  • Identify the Pain Point? What problem is solved?



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Choosing Goals

Daily PlanIt

Now is the perfect time to review your goals and plan new ones for the New Year! Are you overwhelmed by all the possibilities?

Learn how to choose goals with this short video explaining the Map Your Values exercise from my eBook, “Get Goaling.”

Choosing goals that are your top priority is one of the skills you need to learn to begin setting and achieving your goals.

This simple exercise from my eBook “Get Goaling,” makes it easy.

To get started, you need key values.

The value words I’m talking about are qualities that will most improve your life if increased.

For this exercise, print the Map Your Values pdf from the link above, and there’s also a link to a list of value words if you need ideas.

It’s pretty easy to…

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Foldable Goals

Daily PlanIt

I have been striving to improve the portable gtd mini system. The little files from notecards work fine but are a bit bulky and a little worn looking. I was inspired by the clever PocketMod to create two Word templates with six areas (somewhat close to 3×5 size) to print on 8.5 x 11 paper.

I also discovered one of my favorite tools, plastic project files, could be cut down to 3×5 size to make protectors for the system…three from one project pocket. Here are the plastic project files at Office Depot. They are just the right flexibility and strength to work well. One more thought: Pocket protectors could work too.

To create Foldable Goals, print two sides (back and front) for goals in a total of 12 life areas. Check out the Goal Plans for goal ideas.

Side One Foldable Goal Template | doc | pdf |

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Keep Goals Visual and Visible

Daily PlanIt

Some ways to make goals visual and visible:

Tammy Cravit’s Post-It Portable Workspace

Write goal action steps on sticky notes to place between today’s date and the goal statement written on a piece of paper. -from the book “Time Management for the Creative Person” by Lee Silber.

David Seah’s Task Order-Up lines up action steps on a rail so you (and everyone else!) can see what’s next. You could also use index cards and magnets on a magnetic whiteboard.

Make or purchase a big whiteboard.

Make your own visual thermometer.

Make a collage of your goals.

Make foldable goals to carry with you.

Daily PlanIt Goal Master List and Goal Charts

Print a Goal Master List from Buttoned Up.

Create a Wordle word cloud of your goal.

Set your top priority goal as a screensaver on your computer.

Make a video about your goal.

Write affirmations on your…

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GTD Essentials

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